Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun Come Out and Play

Today was the first truly warm, sunny, beautiful day since we've been in Korea and it was Awesome.  Korean weather is closer to Seattle type weather, and it's a bit hard for me to get use to, considering Tennessee is in the 80's already.  Dear husband and I took the little rugrat out to play and for waffles and smoothies.  Seoul has very nice coffee shops.  Koreans love their coffee.  Starbucks is very overpriced here.

 It's also Cherry Blossom season and the trees are in full bloom now and gorgeous.  

 Around our apartment complex :)
Oni and Yobo strolling down Cherry blossom street 
Decorative lanterns that light up at night to celebrate the blooming of the trees.  It is very romantic and beautiful. 

A small street market, they're there everyday. 

A typical lunch for me and my family. My husband, mother in law, and I helped to prepare every day lunch and breakfast and we sit down and eat together at least once or twice a day.  Today was Bibimbap, steamed mussels, spicey dried squid, soybean sprouts, red lettuce, bolgogi and mushrooms.  It was a great lunch :)  It's what we typically eat. 

Swinging with the little one :)  Seoul has many playgrounds set up for children and parents to use and it's something that I really like about Seoul.  

Our rugrat, "Don't take my stick momma". 

Pretty Street art, it looks like a teacher and students. 

"Hey, why is that white girl taking our picture while we are in gym class?"

My dear husband standing in front of the his highschool.  

He had a much nicer high school then I did o_o

Beautiful Oni

Like I said, Seoul Coffee houses, especially the one near our home, are awesome :)

It's been a beautiful day, though I did have one incident that left me pretty pissed off today.

It was an elbowing, mean ass ajumma.  If you're in Korea, this will happen to you, at some point during your stay, you will be elbowed by an ajumma.  Ajumma = old, old woman.  Not all ajummas do this, most don't do this, but some do.  I was standing on a conveyor belt, going up to the 2nd floor of my grocery store and a 200 year old Korean woman elbowed the hell out of my side.  She didn't ask me to politely move, she didn't let me know she wanted around me or was even behind me, she didn't say excuse me or try to politely slide around me (I know I'm not small, but come on, it's not like I'm 400 lbs and taking up the whole aisle ether 0_0).  She, instead of being a polite civil  person, decided to elbow me in the side, leaving me knelt over, while she walked around me.  This was the first time I've ever openly, confrontationally  sworn at an old person in Korea.  It was a knee jerk reaction to being assaulted by grandma. She looked at me, had no idea what I was calling her in English, and shrugged. What am I going to do?  Nothing.  Those old people are mean, cranky, unbias in whom they elbow, and aren't going to listen to anyone. Ive never been elbowed in my entire life, until I came to Korea.  Since being in Korea, I've been elbowed 4 times so far. It's ALWAYS old men and old women. Young Koreans don't do this. It's the old ass tougher then nails, I ain't gonna take shit from no body cause I'm old as fuck mentality.  God help you if you're on a bus or subway, there's one seat left, and it's between you and an ajumma.....just accept the fact you ain't getting that seat. Don't try for it unless you want to be put down. 

One last section:

North Korea.  There's been a lot of nasty rhetoric from the North, threatening to blow everyone up and bring total destruction and chaos and foreigners should evacuate and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.  First of all, South Koreans aren't fazed.  They're use to the North's endless threats and stupidity.  It's like a windy day here.  Happens all the time for the past 60 years.  Koreans aren't freaking out, they don't care. The US media has went bat shit insane with the issue, freaking Americans out (and my family, assholes) but let me say, I'm not worried, my Korean family is not worried, and I see no reason to leave Seoul.  We will only evacuate Seoul IF the American embassy says Americans need to evacuate.  They've said the exact opposite actually.  The official statement from the US embassy is that expats and tourists need not be concerned.  

Well till next time, fellow humans :) I think Ill make a post next on safety in Korea for women. 

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